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Where to find me this weekend?

Well you may have guessed it but I am at Vinegar Yard today where I am having some great banter with designer's, makers and collectors alike.


This photo caption was taken today just after set up from @flealondon where I was there both Saturday and Sunday between 12-5


If there is anything you like the look of please let me know 💜 and will be sure to let you know all the info. I will be there next weekend and won't be putting the items up online just yet.


The items are all completely original (except the cushions seen and cards and prints) as one off unique accessories developed from original artworks and trying to keep it as sustainable as possible in small runs and local businesses to help me out with production. Handmade and finished in the UK 🇬🇧 🙌 😎

Again, if you like the look of these, be sure to DM or find me on the 21st and 22nd between 12-5 @flealondon


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