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Till the end of the month, I am offering 10% off with any order use


found online and then 30% of the proceeds will be given to The Meath charity where I work.

I currently work in both King Edwards School as an Artist in Residence and assistant/assistant technician however at The Meath and with an outstanding support network for those with complex epilepsy and disabilities. Not only is it so rewarding to be working there for myself it is also a wonderful way to allow the guys there to have the guys To support, care for and protect the physical and mental health of people living with epilepsy. It promotes independent living and choices, and everyone has such an amazing personality.

The charity itself means that the money will support those so that they are able to go on more outings, technical equipment, and many other factors to running the house. The main site is divided into various other houses, 9 houses in total and the Skills Centre as well, where they can do various activities such as yoga, arts and crafts, a sensory room, line dancing, horticulture, sewing, mixed media, music, Zumba, and many many more.

It will be a wonderful cause and if there is an art piece or accessory that you can't see that you will like please let me know and message personally.

Thank you and have an enjoyable weekend.


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