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Virtual Open Day

I was asked to do a short video from Marketing on the spot and was like sure why not, not only does it represent the artwork behind me and my different styles including embroidery but also a way to introduce myself and what I hope to bring to the new job I only started last week.

The dialogue goes into an introduction about myself, how I used to be at the school and left a fair amount of time ago. How things have changed and also stayed the same, new faces, now procedures. No Saturday school or seemingly Chapel services but think that may be due to COVID, having to wear a mask on the move and around the school, one way systems and many anti-bacterial stations.

Both my houses, Copeland and Queens are non existent, there seems to be a larger amount of boys now and less borders.

However in light of this, it seems that the school itself are doing a fab job and a great community here.

I have many ideas that I want to bring to the table for the workshops and events and then also create a grounding for the students where they will be able to learn to express themselves through expressionism and understanding that mental health is not a thing to be scared about or to talk about.

Not only the workshops but if COVID settles, I hope to do various larger scaled activities.

The engagement of mental health through Artistic activities and workshops that I would really like to start as a therapeutic beginning and something that I feel will be beneficial for the students and to their wellbeing to have some creative outlet and expression. 

I would also like to be there if they feel like they would like to have a smaller group session or one to one - will have to check this out regarding safeguarding etc.

The other ideas that regarding this are -

  1. Large Mural for hallways (getting the students to express what lockdown means to them)

  2. Performance Art (Silent Disco type) where the students could use charter hall and create rhythmic dances using their whole body for a way to express themselves.

  3. Break Out room - Create their own expressions through sculpture, and then break it.

  4. A more traditional way that consisted of using lanterns or balloons and you wrote down you're feeling and placed them inside then let them free, therefore releasing all you're worries and thoughts. However, as I would like to make this school more eco conscious another way of doing this could be making your own paper from shredded paper and then burning or burying them. 

  5. Bruning Man - KES to have their own burning man an expression where we can get group participation.

If you have any questions let me know and subscribe to my mailing list or follow my progress at King Edwards School, Witley.

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1 Comment

Nov 12, 2020

Well done Emma. i wish you all success with your plans and

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