3 layered face barrier mask with space for additional filter layer.Masks are available in two sizes: S-M (standard size) and M-L with open ended elastic straps for the wearer to create it’s preferred tie method; behind ear or tied around the back of head.These masks are made with Your outer fabric and lined with two layers (one of the layers works as a filtration layer) of a black poly-cotton for extra protection.There is also a from stitch detail (we will match the colour to your fabric)Material for outer matrial: Lago Linen 55% Cotton 45% Linen UK woven Material for lining material: 65% Polyester 35% CottonThese masks are made for adults and comes in two sizes:• S-M 24 cm ear to nose to ear (standard size)• M-L 28 cm ear to nose to earThese masks can be manufactured in most fabrics. We would however recommend a close woven fabric for best protection.Fabric requirements;S-M 15cm (h) times 18cm (w) x 2M-L 18cm (h) times 21cm (w) x 2Additional information ;Masks are not medically certified.Please get in touch if you have any questions in regards to this.For hygiene reasons this item is not returnable.THIS IS S/M

Face Mask S/M Two - SOLD OUT