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"Supporting Local is needed more than ever"

Happy New Year and to start the year off I am happy to show you my page in Bath Life Magazine.

Happy New Year

I hope that everyone was able to enjoy themselves and had some time recollect themselves as I have done whether spending time with friends and family or just enjoying the outdoors.

After an amazing two weeks off of being able to re collect myself. I hadn't realised how quickly time had gone until I needed to be back in @keswartdept @keswitley today.

The first two weeks of the holidays consisted of me being at markets and then Christmas and New Year saw me with those who are closest and dearest excluding those who I couldn't be with during current situations for example seeing my cousins at the pub and going on a long family walk.

However, 2021 brings light to the end of the tunnel and what better way to get to more about me in an interview page at the back of @bathlifemag @creativebath

If there is any more you would like to learn about please DM me.

An insight to who I am and what I do and how I got here.

After the Markets in Bath and Bristol

Again, thank you to all the organisers who did a marvellous job with Covid restrictions and making it a safe and enjoyable place to meet and greet people.

Thank you to all those who came and those who made the markets an aspiring place to be once again.




Lastly Christmas and New Years were both fairly relaxed but I was able to be around those whom I love and it was a wonderful way to see the year close and a new year to start. These almost two weeks allowed me to reconfigure what I hold dear, be close to those whom I cherish and admire talk or message those who I couldn't see and


THINK OF WHAT @emmaphilippamaeve will bring in 2021.

Check out the latest issue of Bath Life and head to

@upfest to see some of my prints.


@the_art_cohort for my products and artworks and Lastly Yard Market where my products are on sale there and also have a great re fill station and all eco goods.






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1 comentario

04 ene 2021

Well done. A feather in your cap and all good publicity.

a pity your surname isn’t

Me gusta
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