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Sneak Peak to my

NEW SPRING COLLECTION which I will be launching this weekend, I hope to have everything is in order and up online for you all by next Monday and again is of limited range with some new products and new twists to the current range plus and all exclusive print line which is WAKE ME UP SPRING.

Again in a luxury velvet or a natural English linen and by using smaller independent companies with in the UK to complete the process, all the artwork is completely original and developed from both sensory and emotional influence whilst travelling has come to a halt this year. The fabric itself is sourced from the UK and Europe only and all this is taken in response to keeping it within in limited runs that are both sustainable and my ethos of keeping it local and hand finished in the UK is completely true.

Again, the Spring Collections will be launched this Friday and completely available online by Monday, however if you would like to have a sneak peak please sign up to my mailing list and you will also receive prior news to events and other news.

I look forward to seeing what you all think.

Have a lovely week,


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