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New Start

The way things are, I was lucky enough to find a job that allowed me to do the main thing that I love.

Having moved back to England in 2016 and throwing myself into my dream I did my Masters in Fashion and Textiles and once graduating in 2018 I have tried my best to get to know the market and get out there.

Growing my love for the Arts and the community that so many like minded people are at within Bath and Bristol.

However, I constantly struggled to find time and money to actually do what I wanted as with Art its a bit tricky to get there and make money within the first couple of years.

So I decided to just give it a go.

On Sunday I left Bath/Bristol where I have been for four years since moving back from Asia and travelling and went for an Artist in Residence Role.

What does it involve?

Well firstly I will get to actually work on my work, developing my style spending time on my business, creating new work, new paintings, aiming to get new stockists and also get to sit in some classes and do workshops with the Secondary School.

King Edwards School in Witley.

However it is an exchange so it will give me even more motivation to get out there and sell my work.

Motivation for self.

I cant wait to see what happens and see how or if I develop my work and also developmy skills within teaching.

Keep an eye out and do please spread the word

Do message if you have any questions.

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