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Indie Friday

The importance of shopping local and independent is being highlighted more then ever with the current situation happening this year. Covid has provided struggles for everyone and due to this I'd like to use my voice more then ever.

🥸 Two Important factors are >

Support small & local and also think about waste. Recycling ♻️ and trying to find non plastic alternatives or sustainable goods. Stop buying into Fast Fashion and buy second hand. All these small changes will mean the world to people like me and these simple changes will create larger impacts later on. Creating little joyful dances 💃 when someone purchases into my work and then I realise I am getting somewhere.

"Getting paid to Play" The Design Trust talk with John Williams, author of F**k Work Let's Play" I've had a zoom today at 1pm.

This meeting was truly insightful in how everyone does start off in the same point but if you do what you want to then enjoy it. I often self doubt my work and whether is it all worth it? How can I grow my credibility and grow some sales. The number one thing is I know I want to do this. That I love this, this is my passion but trying to get out there is always something that is fortunately something I am just learning.

Then Indie Week going on this week with @justacard


With Black Friday 🖤

There is a limited time offer that is happening till the end of this weekend including

Some extra delightful goodies.

🥳10% off when you spend over £35

🥳Subscribe to mailing list to receive code.

🥳Support local and shop independent



Here is a shout out to the few amazing independent platforms or businesses.



@the_art_cohort (Bath)



@indie_roller @justacard @hollytucker @a-n @thedesigntrust @yardmarket (Godalming)

Illustrations by @justacard

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Emma Trussler
Emma Trussler
Nov 27, 2020

Thank you very much for your kind words 😊 xx


Nov 27, 2020

Love all your work. So proud of you. I have just returned from a walk alomg the coast. I know the North Norfolk coast here with it’s big skies and looking out seawards beyond infinity would inspire you too great imaginative

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