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Creative Lockdown

How are you spending your lockdown days?

Mondays are usually when I grab my thoughts, do a bit of admin and plan my week, setting tasks for myself and some of which lead to being creative which is making progress in my artwork.

Do go to emmaphilippamaeve on Instagram to see the time lapse video.

Last week I set myself the target to do a large scaled drawing 》

When you've made yourself a task to get it finished by the weekend 🙌 and spend what you can in the evening to try and get it finished. It was over 5 years ago since I left China and only returned in 2017 for a research placement winning a scholarship to head over, travel for two weeks and learn Chinese Philosophy for two weeks.

This piece is meant to welcome 2021 bringing back memories of wanderlust and travel. When memories become foggy as last year has been.

The perception of this is that no matter the path you take, directions or thought process the journey can always continue and sometimes a journey or path needs to be replaced or repeated in order to continue. As is life. A journey of reflection and peeling those layers to understand to how you got to where you are and where a change in direction is allows an understanding of who you are as you grow and often necessary to lead the path you would like to continue.

Listening to David Bowie 👩‍🎤 essentials to keep me going.

Just a few more touches and then it should be finished 🙌


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