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Christmas Season Markets

Can you believe Christmas just around the corner?

I thought that I may give a shout out to letting you know my schedule for the upcoming markets during November and December in the lead up of Christmas, I also have some online markets too which I havent put in as they offer special codes or they are all rooted through on their Instagram, website handles so do keep an eye out for those developments.

All of these markets will represent my latest accessories and limited edition print which is being released for the 14th November which will be an edition from the mural I did for Upfest #75 walls and my piece named Vision. There will be a series of 25 prints in both A2 size and A3 size.

All new collections will be there including Wake Me Up Autumn, Forest Land, Purple Mountain, Strange Brew, Last bits of SPOTS, Carousel and Preach. All Limited runs and not one accessory is the same hand finished in the UK and all material sourced from EU or UK.

I will also have my Christmas cards, stocking fillers and some original artwork with me too.

I hope to see you there.

Have a lovely time.

Emma x

Below - is one poster from one of the markets I will be doing :)

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